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Struggles to Snuggles: A Journey to Parenthood

  1. Malynda says:

    To this day this story still brings me to tears. This family is living proof of the miracles God creates. Such a beautiful family!! I will never forget the day that Colleen told me she was pregnant with the twins it was such a happy day!

  2. Sara Male says:

    I absolutely loved reading the story of God’s faithfulness and Colleen’s testimony. I LOVE her sweet children. They are such examples of kindness and sweetness. You have a beautiful family and a story to tell. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Liz Woodward says:

    What an amazing story!!!!! I am so happy for your family. I went through 2 years of infertility. While mine did not last near as long as yours, it felt like 100 years when you are going through it. The peak moment of my pain was when I had just been handed some pre pregnancy vitamins at a drugstore, turned around and a close friend had walked up and announced she just found out she was pregnant, and coming to get her prenatal vitamins. I faked my happiness as much as I could but had to sprint out of the store before I burst into tears. It was awful. I felt so bad for Barry. It’s a tough place for the hubby too. Trying to be strong for me, but also sad. Thankfully, 2 years later, I had 2 happy endings, 18 mos. apart.
    I clearly see why you could have 20 children and not even blink an eye.

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