Some of the resources I'm recommending are affiliate links, meaning I will get a small commission if you do decide to make a purchase using one of the links or codes here (or in the blog, or anywhere else, really). I make it a point only to share tools that I genuinely love and use. Plus, many of them will give you a discount!

I know when I was starting my business, I wished there was someone I trusted that could just give me a list of the tools I was using so I could be successful, too. So, here are the tools I love at every stage of business, whether you're just starting out or leveling up. 

You're a business owner; you're wearing SO many hats as it is. CEO, CFO, CMO, photographer, wife, mom, teacher... the list is endless!

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Sometimes the biggest hurdle to success is just starting. You don't need any fancy tools to succeed with IPS photography; you just have to start! Take your photography business to the next level in just three days. In this mini-course for only $27, you'll learn how to sell your work without fear. Using what you already have, you'll be able to start in-person sales immediately with this step-by-step strategy and pricing guide.

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When Destiny Tillery Photography began as a small business photography studio over a decade ago, she was frustrated about the lack of information available for aspiring photographers. Sure, there was plenty of information out there about how to take phenomenal pictures, but nothing to help you grow and thrive as a small business owner. 

Introducing The IPS Made Easy Photography Community. This free community is a place where photographers can learn not only how to enjoy a fully booked calendar, but also where we discuss tactical steps to ditch overwhelm, lose the mom guilt and build a photography business that is truly fulfilling as much as it is profitable. Join us and become a part of the fun!

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The Resources

I'm sure you've heard about ShootProof, but I'd love for you to check it out for your own business. It's the service I use for client galleries, mobile apps and more! The best part? They take ZERO commissions from my sales, so my business can thrive and I'm able to focus on what matters most.

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Online Photo Galleries and Orders

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Are you wearing 17 hats in your business? If you are juggling all the things and riding the struggle bus like I was, then do yourself a favor and check out 17hats! I use this amazing software to organize and automate my business. Their feature-packed platform saves me time and money and lets me focus on my clients, not paperwork. And only because I have referred you, can you get this special pricing!

50% off normal pricing for two years. Just click the link below or use code: kbgfttxgzf

Studio/Office Management Software

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Want to try a new lens, camera body, or other photography or videography gear? Is your equipment being repaired and need a temporary replacement, like yesterday?

Renting from LensRental is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

1. SHOP - Browse their exhaustive inventory until you find the perfect gear.
2. SHIP YOUR ITEMS - They'll ship your order to arrive on the day you ask to receive it.
3. SHOOT - Go out and get some great shots during your rental period.
4. RETURN - Return the equipment in the same box when your rental ends.

Camera Gear

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Video making made easy!
Create impressive videos in minutes with Animoto’s drag-and-drop video maker. No video editing experience necessary.

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the books

Atomic Habits
by James Clear 

Profitable Album Sales 

Miracle Morning
by Hal Elrod 

Total Money Makeover
by Dave Ramsey

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller 

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