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I'm so happy you've found me! My name is Destiny and I am a maternity & newborn photographer in Brandon, MS. 

However, I also wear more than just a photography hat (probably like you)! I'm also a wife, a momma to 3 kids and, very recently, also their official homeschool teacher. So I'm not JUST a photographer, and neither are you! 

Not Just a Newborn Photographer

Since opening my photography business in 2008, I was bound and determined to make it successful. So, I pulled up my bootstraps and got to work. Like many other entrepreneurs out there, I was determined to succeed by any means necessary. Thankfully, I was blessed with a thriving business and fully booked sessions not too many years in. Then, seven years after starting, I was able to open a full-service photography studio in downtown Brandon, MS. I was sure I had made it. 

That's when I had my lightbulb moment. Yes, I had a great studio, but I was still limited to the amount of money I could make. I was only one person! I was already booked solid, so taking more sessions meant even less time with my family. Even if I continually increased my prices, eventually, I'd hit the ceiling and not be able to go further. I had to try something new. That's when I turned to IPS photography and the success was absolutely life-changing. 

My Lightbulb Moment

In 2019, I was called to create a trusted place where current and aspiring photographers can connect with other photographers and receive support, encouragement and mentorship to help grow their businesses. Countless programs are teaching you how to use a camera and edit photos. Still, there aren't enough that teach you how to build a sustainable photography business. I had the know-how and the experience. I needed to be that person. 

With Destiny Tillery Education, I'm proud to introduce photographers to time-tested business strategies that provide measurable results. Let's shorten the business learning curve so you can achieve success sooner (while ensuring you're not spending unnecessary precious time away from your family). Through courses, podcasts, the learning library, group mentoring, a free photography community and more, I'm proud to help photographers build the business of their dreams. 

My Calling as a Photography Business Coach

Honestly, the quote that sticks with me the most is, "be the person now that you needed to be then." 

I am so thrilled to have the freedom to homeschool my family, manage our micro-farm, take adventures and joy-filled life. I am so thankful that this is where I am. 

But, for more than a decade, my husband and kids saw more of the back of my head and the computer screen than I'd care to admit. #momguilt. I don't want that for anyone else. So, I want to give you the tools, knowledge and resources you need to live the life I'm living now, so you can begin experiencing it sooner. Your family needs you. 

“My Why”

“I hope life gives you wings, and you have the courage to use them.”

- Christy Ann Martine

I have a deep-rooted connection with the gulf coast that dates back to my great-grandparents, who were some of the first settlers on the Alabama coast. So while my husband and I and our three kids have moved to Mississippi, our family still is in Alabama along the shoreline, and we visit often. 

One of the most meaningful knick-knacks in my home is a stained glass seagull made by my great-grandmother. I keep it behind my desk, so you'll see it frequently, but it's there as a visual reminder of my "why"—family. In my logo, you'll see the same stained glass bird in a set of three, one for each of our children and of our faith.

The seagull is a symbol of bravery, strength and courage. It's a great reminder that the sky is the limit, as long as you dare to soar. 

The Three Little Birds

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