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Somewhere between quitting our 9-5 and building our empire, we lost sight of why we started our own business— to spend more time with our families. As a newborn photographer and a photography business coach, I'm here to show you that there is an easier way. You can make more money without working 24/7 with IPS for photographers. 

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What if I told you that you don't have to book more photography sessions to make more money? Through IPS photography and photography pricing, I'll show you how to earn more without working more (and maybe even working less!)

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You don’t need a fancy setup to start IPS photography! Learn how to start in-person sales in just three days using the tools you already have. This is your quick start guide to IPS photography pricing and the 6 easy-to-follow profitable action steps to starting IPS.

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Work smarter, not harder, with these tested and approved photography business tools. Take a peek at what I use, from business automation tools to programs that will help with IPS photography sales and everything in between. 

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The IPS Made Easy podcast is educational entertainment for photographers on the go. Whether you listen to this photography podcast one short episode at a time or binge-listen to a whole season, you’re sure to find the photography business secrets you need to help your business thrive (without working around the clock).

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Hey, y'all! I'm so happy you've found your way here! My name is Destiny Tillery, and I am a newborn photographer in Brandon, MS.

But, photographers aren't ever just photographers, right? Like you, I wear many different hats in real life, including homeschooling our three kids. Over time, I got tired of working myself so ragged and not having time to do the things I loved, like enjoying time with my husband and kids. I got tired of telling my kids "no" I couldn't play when I really wanted to say "yes!"

So, I switched it up. I made a change that would upgrade my business and give me back my time with my family. 

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 Meet Destiny,

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Discover tips for IPS photography, photography pricing, and other business insider secrets that will help your photography business thrive. 

This photography blog is business coaching for photographers that you can learn on your schedule.

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